What is Gained from Stranded Solutions

#1 - Pipeline Gas

 With current prices significantly lower than historical averages some producers cannot breakeven operating their wells.

Stranded - At current methanol and gas prices Stranded Solutions can generate 2 to 3 times higher profit margins than selling natural gas.

#2 - Off-Spec Gas

Natural gas that needs processing and conditioning to be useable (H2S, CO2, N2, C2+) and is financially unattractive. 

 Stranded - Side steps gas remediation by converting gas to liquids produced at a lower cost, often without additional processing. 

#3 – Stranded Gas

Natural gas is located too far to build pipeline connection or pipelines are at capacity and unable to accept more gas. 

Stranded -  If site is accessible by truck, rail or barge gas converted to methanol can be transported to market economically. 

#4 - Gas Associated w/ Oil Wells

Choice to flare natural gas or build collection pipelines. Some oil well production constrained by flaring permits. 

Stranded -  Turns flared gas to cash and saves the expense of constructing and maintaining pipelines. No flare cap to limit oil production. 

#5 - New Oil Well Testing

When flow tests are needed and associated gas is present, a temporary solution is needed. 

Stranded -  Avoid gas flaring limits and other regulatory obstacles allowing oil producers to gather valuable information for sizing their gathering and processing systems.